Ladder Racks

Ute Ladder Racks

</p> <p>BOCAR supplies wide range of Ute Tray Accessories and toll boxes at very affordable prices.</p> <p>

BOCAR can supply and fit Rear Ladder Racks for Bocar and other makes of ute trays. Bocar racks are normally made from 76mm alloy tube with sockets to be installed under the deck. They are easy to install (see installation instructions). Our racks are removable type and when not required, they can easily be removed for safe storage in less than a minute. When removed there will be no protruding socket (except for 10mm plate) on the tray deck so that the whole tray floor can be utilised.

Our rear ladder rack shape matches the front headboard tube shape and supplied in satin finish. Load holding pins are standard inclusion (no extra charge) in all rear racks and head board tubes. We stock two standard size racks for ute bodies, 1725mm width with 1200mm distance between the pins and 1855mm width with 1300mm distance between the pins.

We can fit a ladder rack on your existing tray while you wait. We can also supply wider alloy racks for vehicles like Ford Transit or custom design and build heavy load carrying racks made from steel.