What are the main advantages of Alloy Trays?

Aluminium alloy trays are light weight but strong. Bocar Alloy Trays are made from high strength aluminium alloy extrusions. They need practically no maintenance as they don’t need painting and don’t rust. Drop down removable sides and increased load area due to flat deck (compared to factory fitted utetub/styleside) makes them more suitable for any application.

Are Alloy Trays able to carry the same load as Steel Trays?

The load carrying ability is normally dictated by the vehicle load rating. Most Utes sold in Australia have a load capacity of about 1 ton. Bocar Deluxe and Ultimate alloy trays are manufactured with floor rating of 2.5 ton, so there is no problem in terms of loading.

In fact, using an Alloy Tray, the load capacity is higher than when using a Steel Tray. A typical alloy tray weighs about 100Kg and hence can carry a load of about 900 Kg on a vehicle with a 1 ton capacity. In contrast you can only load about 700 Kg on the same vehicle fitted with a steel tray, as the steel tray weights about 250 to 300Kg.

What is the difference between “Genuine” versus specialised tray’s like BOCAR?

In general the ute trays that comes with new vehicles are pretty ordinary. None of these so called “genuine trays” are made by Auto Makers. With sleek advertisements and incentives, these are promoted to customers as a premium option, even though they lack style and performance.

If you observe professional tradesmen, soon you will notice that the majority of them don’t have genuine trays on the back of their vehicles. You have a choice, you can tell the dealer what tray you want for your next cab chassis. Our installation team can visit and install the Bocar tray at the dealer yard if required.

Why select BOCAR trays?

Simply put, Bocar trays are far superior and the most affordable alloy trays currently available on the market. Compare our quality and price! We are direct manufacturer and knows ins and outs of alloy tray making with over 25 years experience.

What is the maximum length tray I can put on a vehicle?

There are legal limits on the tray size you can put on a vehicle. As a guidance, we have included a table (tray sizes, click here) for commonly used vehicles. You can calculate the maximum size of a tray using the following formula:

A x 0.6 + B-100 = Maximum legal length in mm

Where A is distance between the wheel axels in mm and B is the distance from rear of cab to centre of rear wheel in mm. Obviously common sense should prevail, irrespective of the legal calculation, the tray over hang should not be excessive (typical over hang is 150 to 300mm only). If you are having a tow bar, it is better have normal length trays (not very long trays even though they are legal) due to accessibility reasons.

What is the width of Bocar trays?

Bocar Deluxe Tray external width is 1855mm for normal Utes. Our Ultimate Tray width is 1980mm.

Can Bocar remove the factory uteback (tub or styleside) from my vehicle?

Yes, we can remove the factory fitted tub (styleside) and replace with a new Alloy Ute Tray. We can also supply and fit the tail, number plate brackets and lights as the tub lights are not suitable for the ute tray. Obviously there will be an extra cost for this service. We can load the removed tub on to the new tray so that you can take it away, or alternatively, we will find a suitable buyer for it if in good condition or scrap it.

Does Bocar supply parts direct to the public?

Bocar supplies ute trays, accessories and parts direct to the public. However, It may be preferable to buy through the distributors and dealers as they can arrange transport and fit up also.

Will Bocar arrange transport?

You can pick up the items or arrange your own transport. We can also arrange delivery by Clipper, Toll Express or TNT Express.

How quickly can Bocar supply the trays?

Our Deluxe and Ultimate Trays can be supplied within 24 hours. We keep over 200 trays in stock at any time.

How long will it take to fit a tray?

We can fit a tray in our factory while you wait, however, it is preferable to leave the vehicle for the day. Allow 2 hours for normal tray fitting on a cab chassis vehicle (extra two hours if styleside is to be removed).