Bocar Ute Trays and Accessories can be purchased through any Car Dealership. We have over the years supplied our products to the majority of Car Dealerships. Some of our dealers utilise our mobile service or arrange the vehicles sent to our factory for professional fit up.

It is well known fact that the trays that are pre-fitted to vehicles or sourced by auto makers as “genuine trays” are generally inferior trays. Auto makers do not manufacture their own trays. Because of incentive schemes and extra hassle involved in arranging quality third party trays, the average vehicle salesman tends to push the inferior trays branded as “genuine” trays. In fact, about 25% of our installation work is replacing these so called genuine trays and style-sides with quality and built tough Bocar trays.

It is up to you as a customer to insist on the ute tray you want. Do your research and if you like the Bocar heavy duty tray, insist on it. A good salesman will be able to arrange a Quality Tray of your choice for practically the same price.